NPI - Solutions & Savings Through National Alliances!


The National Partners Inc.'s (NPI) Primary Mission is to find or to develop quality programs that will assist its Corporate and Community Partners to "keep mom and dad independent and safe, in their chosen place of residence, for as long as possible." NPI, will work toward the realization of its Mission through the following six operational goals:
  1. To identify shared services, group purchasing, and other opportunities whereby the NPI's Community Partners can strengthen their operating infra-structure, reduce cost, and generate revenue to support their local mission.
  2. To augment the capacity of the NPI's National, Regional, and State Corporate Partners to serve their affiliates and members.
  3. To offer independent and member caregivers quality elder care products and services.
  4. To support NPI through social entrepreneurial strategies.
  5. To facilitate the formation of processes and systems that will result in integrated social and health care services meeting the growing ambulatory needs of seniors in rural America.
  6. To bring together the NPI's Corporate Partners so that their vision and leadership can strengthen the national policy-making position of the NPI.